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The pictures below are some of the dogs we've trained and their families.


        "Bishop" a 1yr old labrador/pitt bull mix



                                      Carroll with "Buddy" a young lab/mix


                              Lee Ann and "Gracie" an Italian Greyhound



                                    Brandy and "Zeke" a 1 year old boxer.


                           "Cabby" is a standard poodle that is about 5 months old.


                                               "Peanut" and "Shadow" with their owner Peggy.


                    The Berg Family and "Callie" a 1 year old australian shepherd mix.



Kathy and Larry with their dogs "Maxi" a 6 month old german shepherd and "Marlin" a 9 year old australian shepherd.


                             Brenda and "Winston" a 9 month old welsh corgi.


                     Lee and Margaret with their dog "Buddy" a 1 1/2 year old mix.


                           Mary and her dog "Crosby" a 9 month old mix.


                  The Elliotts and "Blaze" a 9 month old miniature australian shepherd.


                                "Zues" a 2 year old German Shepard.


                                Suzanne and "Raine" a 1 year old labrador mix.


                           Camile and Bill with "Trixie" a 4 year old border collie mix.


                                             The Shoaf Family and "Shep" a 1 1/2 year old sheltie.


                                                       Christy and "Spencer" a 6 month old cockapoo.


              The pictures above and below are of Diane, "Cocoa" and "Lilly". They are both mixed                                        breeds and are 3 and 4 years old.



                            Kelly and "Juna" a 9 month old border collie/mix.


                  "Peanut" a 3yr old male dachshund and "Bandit" a 1 yr old male dachshund.


                            The Clarkes and "Missy" a 14 mo old pekinese.


                       Charles and Debbie with their 5 month old labradoodle "Sophie".


        Matthew and Adam with their dogs "Faith" a 3yr old retriever mix & "Smokey" an 11yr old lab.


                                 Margaret and Susan with "Belle" a 4yr old chihuahua.


  Chris and Kara-Lyn with their 2 dogs "Wallace" and "Grommet", 3 and 2 year old jack russell terriers.      



                                    Cindy and "Rocky" a 1 year old maltese.


                               Bonnie and "Tess" a 3 month old yorkshire terrier.


                                   Corky and "Gus" a 2 year old standard poodle.


            Kristy and Chad with their dog "Maggie" (on the right) an 8 month old lab/husky mix & her littermate Max.


                        The Nieri family and "Abby" a 1 1/2 year old maltipoo.



                          O'Neil, Denise & "Ellie" a 6 month old weimaraner.



               The pictures above & below are of Sheila and "Maddie" a 3 year old labradoodle &                                    "Jazzie" a 3 year old standard poodle.




                         Brandon, Diana & "Nixon", a 9 month old lab mix.


                                                        "Baron" a 4 year old miniature pinscher & Juli.



                             Blanch, Gene & "Coco" a 14 week old australian shepherd.


                                 Kim &  "Bandit" a 4yr old terrier mix.


                         "Dixie" a 6 month old maltese, Mary Francis & Gloria.


                                 Margie & "Dutchess" a 3yr old miniature poodle.


                                       Lydia, Russell & "Boscoe" a 6 month old husky/ labrador mix.


                  The Fraziers & "Max" an 8 mo old bichon.                Sharon & "Max" a 5 mo old golden retriever.  



            The Swim family & "Sam" a 6 mo old poodle/papillon mix along with their other dog, Isabelle.


                                                     The Heater family & "Tux" a 5 mo old great dane.


                       Karen, Anthony & "Hank" a 5 mo old rottweiler.         "Joey" a 9 mo old italian greyhound.


                                 "Lucy" an 8 mo old cocker spaniel.              Elda & "Kita" a 7 mo old akita.


               The Crain family & "Rusty" a 10 mo old golden retriever.     "Sadie" an 8 mo old vizsla.


"Ripley" a 7 mo old german shepherd & Tina.          Mike, Wendy & "Belle" a 1yr old labrador retriever.



                                                       Betsy & "Jeffrey" an 8 mo old cocker spaniel.


                Sadie May & "Mittens" a 9 yr old poodle & "Chloe" a 1yr old yorkshire terrier.    



                                                  "Fisher" 10 wk old boston terrier & Kerri.


                         Sharon and "Molly" a 1 yr old labradoodle and "Zoe" a 4yr old standard poodle.


                                                             "Bong" a 6yr old poodle and Dorothy.


                                 Ruby & Jack with "Muffin" an 11 month old bischon.


                                       Elizabeth & "Deacon" a 1 year old beagle mix.

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