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  In-Home Dog Training•Behavior Modification




In-Home Dog Training & Behavior Modification

Our training is based on love and respect, not bribery.  It is important that your dog see you as the leader of the pack.  You cannot accomplish this by bribing your dog to work for treats.  There are exceptions, but if treats are used for obedience it is important to wean your dog off of them as soon as possible.  After all, you can't always have a treat in your pocket. 

Every dog is different so training techniques are based on each dog's individual personality, but the basic fundamentals are the same.  For example, a fearful dog needs more self confidence as well as more confidence in us as his/her leader.  A dominant dog wants to be the leader, therefore needs to have confidence in our leadership as well as respect for us.

We can often teach the dogs very quickly, but owner participation is key.  It is important that the owner feel comfortable with the training techniques and practices them as instructed by the trainer. Our goal is for your dog to listen to you as well as the trainer.

Exercise is also one of the fundamentals for having a healthy, happy, well balanced dog.  Walking your dog is crucial to how well your dog behaves at home.  It also re-enforces your leadership. Your dog's energy level will determine how much exercise he/she needs on a daily basis.

Gift certificates are available for dog training.  We accept cash, checks and paypal.  Please contact Karen at or 336.852.1497.