Basic Obedience

In-home Dog Training•Behavior Modification


Basic Obedience

This program is best for someone who wants their dog to listen to basic commands and have manners in the house and around visitors. You will be able to walk your dog easily.

Best age to begin~

We start with the basics as early as 8 weeks for smaller breeds. We may wait until 10 weeks for large breeds. They have so much more growing to do sometimes it is hard for them to stay awake an entire lesson. By 7 weeks their brain is neurologically complete.  This is a great time to begin teaching housebreaking and the basics.  We can also prevent things like play biting, chewing and jumping from becoming bad habits and start socializing your puppy.

If your dog is older, it's never too late.  We train dogs up to 11, 12, even 13 years old.  It all depends on the individual dog and what the owner is wanting to accomplish.

Training Provided~

  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Come on Command
  • Heel
  • Control Walking
  • Doorway Entry
  • Control Area "Place"
  • Problem Solving (housebreaking, play biting, excessive barking, chewing, pulling, jumping, won't come, chasing things, getting in the trash, begging, stealing food, aggressive behavior, digging, car sickness, ect)


On average, lessons are scheduled once a week to every other week., days or evenings.  Programs usually range from three to six lessons.

This program is customized to each individual dog and owner.  You may need all or just a few commands on this list.  Call us for a free evaluation at 336.852.1497 or email us at



   Terrin practicing the basics sit stay and down stay with a boston terrier puppy.