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Karen Buck Regan


Karen Buck Regan~Owner/Founder of Doggone-It since 1992

Karen has been training dogs since 1997 and pet sitting since 1992.  She has always had a passion and love for animals and knew this is what she wanted to do.  Karen has a unique ability to understand how to gain a dogs respect as well as trust. They seem to sense her leadership qualities from the beginning.  Karen's passion is about improving the quality of life for the dogs she trains. 

Karen and her husband Tom have two German shepherds, a cat and two horses at their farm in Summerfield, NC

Jack was chained to a tree until he was almost 1 year old. He was a very challenging dog, with a dominant personality, lack of socialization skills and an extremely high energy level.  He also had a lot of fears and nervous energy.   He is 9 years old  now and is living the life he was meant to live; a farm dog.

Jack was diagnosed with degenerative mylopathy in early 2010. It is a genetic disease that effects dogs in their later years and causes paralysis in the hind legs that slowly progresses throughout the body. It's a heartbreaking process. Jack passed in October of 2010. He was such a wonderful dog and a great teacher. He taught me the importance of strong leadership and finding the right job for the dog.

Chance was kept in a crate about 23 hours a day until he was 9 mo old.  He had fear-based aggression issues from lack of proper socialization as well as no exercise.  He is 8 years old and is one of the sweetest  and most loving dogs Karen has ever had. 

Chance has been diagnosed with Progressive Retinal Atrophy.  It is a genetic disease that causes the retina to die resulting in blindness. In rare cases, they can retain the ability to see light and dark as well as shapes. There is no treatment and no cure. His earlier obedience training has helped him cope very well in spite of being totally blind. It is amazing how resilient dogs are. He still runs and plays with other dogs once he knows his surroundings.

Flurry was a stray that showed up at her house about 16 years ago.  He's a laid back cat and he keeps the dogs in line.

Karen is also very involved with horses.  She and her husband Tom have 2 horses and are dedicated students in Parelli Natural Horsemanship. Karen passed level 3 in Liberty in summer of 09 with her horse Grant who is now semi-retired due to arthritis. Karen now rides Jett, a 12yr old APHA with whom she passed online L3 in Sept 2011.


Phone: 336.852.1497



             Both dogs love to go along on trail rides.                                                  Chance and Jack



                                        Mr. Flurry                                                                                                Jack loves the snow.


                                             Grant                                                                                                     Riding Jett in a clinic..


                                        Tom and the dogs.                                                                                                  Jett


                           Tom and Grant out on the trail.                                                           Jett jumping single upright barrel for the first time!



                                                                 Tom's first horse Doc who passed away in 2006..